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The Great Southern Fishing Show

Rob Stroupe

Rob Stroupe

Presentation for families and those new to our sport

This program is a short introduction to the insects fly fishers imitate to catch fish. Rob's goal is to bring adults and their children into the sport of fly fishing.

Rob Stroupe started his fly fishing adventures in 1964 in western Pennsylvania. Years later, while at the University of Georgia, he became intrigued with the scientific side of "matching the hatch."

Rob is a 16 year member of the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club, a 12 year member of the Georgia Women's Fly Fishing Club, and current member of the board of directors. He has fly fished fresh and saltwater from Puerto Rico to Alaska. He is also one of the founders of "The Hunt for Red Fish for Alzheimer's Association."

Rob developed the Stream Entomology 'aka bugs' for Georgia Women's Fly Fishing Clubs, Casting for Confidence for Breast Cancer Survivors, and local Scout and Church groups to give a basic introduction to fishing, educate people, and make "matching the hatch" common sense.